• Egg Incubation Tub + Thermometer

. The egg tray is great for incubating eggs from smaller reptiles. Holds up to 12 eggs.
. The tray is based on the suspended incubation method (minimum egg to surface contact with maximum air circulation around the egg.), where the eggs do not touch the substrate, but are suspended above it       with the tray

. This allows for great air circulation and improves hatch rates.
. Six regions to separate different clutches, genetics, etc (2 eggs per regions)
. A variety of substrates can be used depending on your preferences.
. Made from clear polypropylene plastic, durable and nearly unbreakable.
. Easily and neatly stacked for storage

Material: Polypropylene Plastic
Color: White transparent
Size: 16.5x11x5cm(LxWxH)
Egg Slot Size: 39x20x10mm(LxWxH)

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Egg Incubation Tub + Thermometer

  • Brand: ABDF
  • Product Code: RIT
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